Your Membership Benefits:

As a Direct Primary Care practice, we accept only a few hundred patients at a time. Traditional family practice docs routinely see over 2000 patients! We have fewer patients so we can provide you top-of-the-line care. Here are some of the things you’ll have access to as a member of Freedom2Care DPC.

Comprehensive care

We offer individualized comprehensive out-patient medical care management services for both adult and pediatric patients. This includes chronic disease management (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.), mental health, urgent care, and annual health maintenance exams (i.e. Sports/school and wellness physical exams, and age appropriate GYN/Pap Exam).

Office visits when you want them. With no fees.

Unlimited primary and urgent care visits to Freedom2Care DPC during office hours — with no copays. Same Day and Next Day appointments available with little or no wait

Extended time with the doctor

Personal appointment every time with Dr. Huneycutt, who is board-certified in Internal Medicine &Pediatrics with over 18 years of experience. Appointments are typically 30 minutes or longer. Whatever it takes to get you taken care of. Dr. Huneycutt understands that good healthcare takes time.

27/7 Communication

Direct communication via phone, secured Tele-health /video, Email and/or SMS Text messaging with Dr. Huneycutt outside of scheduled appointments and after-hours care

Coordination with specialists

If you require a consultant for specialty medical care, we will work closely with that specialist.

Minor labs and procedures

Ear lavage, minor suturing, cryotherapy, incision & drainage of skin abscess and wound care are all included in your membership fee. If there is an extra charge for a service, you will know exactly what it is before proceeding. There are special labs and procedures that may require an additional fee. Our members receive a discounted price for these special labs and procedures.

Savings on greatly discounted medications and lab work

We dispense medications in-house, so we’re offering medications to you at wholesale prices. For nearly all medications, the price we offer is cheaper than your co-pay at a pharmacy. If you take chronic medications, the savings on medication might be greater than your entire membership fee. Your annual screening blood work is included in your membership fee, but you will be able to get other necessary blood work at discounted prices.  We will work to get you the best price for other ancillary services and keep looking for ways to save you money.

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